The Color Gallery Green House Project is a huge aspect of our art program. Using culinary arts as an outlet our kids learn how to create with their own organic grown foods. As a part of our community give back we will soon make our organic fruits and vegetables available to those in our local communities. 

  • Watercolor painting
  • Acrylic painting
  • Oil painting 
  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Human model drawing
  • Oil Pastel drawing
  • Photography 
  • Spray painting​

Coming Soon...

  • Culinary Arts


Art has always been my greatest passion. There is no greater creative expression than being able to become one with your media and translate your emotions into pictures. Fortunately my parents were able to give me amazing opportunities to feed my desire to learn more about art. 

The Color Gallery, is a way for all desiring children to fulfill that need.

-Ursula Rochon

A public art gallery with an in house studio where children can express their limitless creativity through artistic expression. Geared towards middle and high school children we will offer art fundamentals and techniques of different mediums. With guest appearances from local artists we are able to cater to all interest in the visual art category.

Mission + Vision

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A NOTE FROM OUR director


The Color Gallery, Inc.

Ursula T. Rochon

Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Ashley Doucette

Medical Director


Dr. Brian Turner, Ph.D.

Clinical Executive Director

Ainsley Auzenne

Director of Marketing & Advertising

Anthony Webster

Program Director, Baltimore 

Chris Walker

Promotions & Development Director, Houston

Nick A. Toon
New Orleans Saints (Former)

​St. Louis Rams


Board of Directors


Jefferey Benjamin

Instructor of First Year Experience,

Dillard University

Vice President

Janet Rochon
Mind In the Making Master Facilitator

Dr. Gilbert Rochon, Ph.D., MPH

Director of Public Health and Strategic Planning

Eileen Carter


Director of Marketing and Advertising

Michelle Craig

Owner, Trancendant Law

Monique Handy, BA, M.Ed.
Administrator, INSPIRENola Schools

The Color Gallery, Inc. works to decrease  community violence and school aged related crime by providing a creative means of expression. By using a non clinical means of art therapy we promote self worth and awareness, increasing self esteem.

The Color Gallery, Inc. is committed to assisting our community youth by using the fundamentals to art to help them reach their fullest creative potential.

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