Cool Emotions Rainbow Candle

Green represents peace and smells like oak moss, blue represents calm and smells like wind swept shores, and purple represents relaxation and smells like lavender and green tea. 4"x4" 12 ounce soy candle is $25.00

Scholarship Candle

Our Scholarship Candle produced by Tia's Candles is specifically designed to fully embrace The Color Gallery, Inc. and what we represent. Each candle respectively represents emotion through color. All proceeds are donated to The Color Gallery, Inc. Scholarship fund. This fund is distributed annually to two registered senior students seeking continuing education and is awarded based on financial need and academic merit.

Sunset on the Beach

J. Aguilar, Age 8

14" X 18" Acrylic


Logo Apron

White cotton, double front pocket apron. $20.00

Represent Us

Warm Emotions Rainbow Candle

Red represents excitement and smells like king cake, yellow represents happiness and smells like pineapple cilantro, and orange represents comfort and smells like vanilla cake. 4"x4" 12 ounce soy candle is $25.00


Online Gallery

Logo T-Shirt

White cotton logo t-shirt.

(Sizes S -XXL available, please specify size during payment)